Welcome, Strangers

Welcome, reader, whoever you are.  This blog will largely consist of anything relating to travel, health, and spirituality.  Additionally, you can expect to see original poems, essays, and short stories. But before I begin, I would like to introduce myself.  

My name is Willow Noelle.  I am a writer by instinct, trade, and passion. I have an incurable case of wanderlust, and am a self-proclaimed hippy at heart. I’ve been wearing Birkenstocks since before they were trendy, and believe in the power of plants from green smoothies to psychoactives. Furthermore, I believe in exposing things for what they really are, and getting to the bottom of what it means to be human. I want to know why people struggle, and if it’s really necessary.

Three months ago I moved from my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, to Charlotte, North Carolina.  This move consisted of dropping out of university for that life changing English degree, and quitting my jobs. It consisted of me having to ask myself what my definitions of happiness and success was. My answer didn’t coincide with the traditional route of career building, something I think is a dying field anyway. Instead, it forced me to follow my heart in order to focus on what I love most. It was a daunting feat, but has proved to be worthwhile.

 My motive for this blog is to share my work, since creating without sharing is being idle.  I have been idle for far too long.  My answer to happiness and success is to inspire people by creating art out of words, but to do that I need to get over my inexplicable fear of being exposed.  This blog will be a growing experience for me, and hopefully something inspiring and entertaining for you.  

I’ll try to take you places with my words and tell you things you’ve never known.  I’ll write about what I am most passionate about, in hopes that you might relate. I don’t know what type of blog this will be; but for now, it will just be me.  


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